Save the Jackie Gleason Theater!

Here are some images from Wednesday’s CMB meeting at the MBCC Flamingo room Hall C …

Plans were presented form both sides – Portman and Tishman/SoBeACE, followed by an audience Q&A. It started at 7pm, ended at 10pm, peacefully and it seemed to go somewhat well. I think the residents were just a little weary of another large (city) funded project and the unwanted “Vegas” potential (goal?) in the vision of some of their plans. It was also good to hear so many locals relay their concern about the Jackie Gleason (currently run by LiveNation) and why it wansn’t incorporated in any of the plans (maybe as a plan-b?). Let hope they come around and begin to listen to what the majority (?) of the residents have to say. Oh, and it should be pretty clear that we enjoy Cirque Solieil (BIG $$$) when they visit/preform, but that doesn’t mean we need them on a year-round solo (profit) basis, we like our own version of variety here on Miami Beach.

… more in-depth story to follow later. (comparing note/angles with others that were there). Stay tuned!

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