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Found another great image of ..

… The Great One! Hmmm, how to best preserve/save an historic Miami Beach building in honor of  the man who put this place (“SoBe”) on the map, back in the 60′s - how sweet it is … Jackie Gleason!

Please mark your “calendars“. Next community meeting (us/them)2/27/13 (Wednesday)

The full schedule of meetings, most of which start at 6 p.m., is as follows:

Feb. 27: MBCC > Flamingo Ballroom 4, Hall C Entrance – “to identify guiding principles for the master plan based on community input.”

Feb. 28: MBCC > Flamingo Ballroom 4, Hall C Entrance, city commission workshop.

March 27: MBCC > Flamingo Ballroom 4, Hall C Entrance, city commission workshop and public meeting with 3D diagrams that will show scale.

May 13/May 15: Location not determined, city commission meeting to vet completed master plans and terms of proposed letters of interest. June 5: City commission chamber, commission meeting to select the final proposer.

*special thanx to South Florida Business Journal (blog) website.

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