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Sat .Jan 19th – A great night on the beach – Doug Wimbish & Keith Le Blanc along with some of their friends, gave Miami Beach a real low-end (BASS), funky, slap on the … gl*d you could make it! I’m not sure how the City of MIami Beach and Mr. Wimbish hooked up? … but, I like it! (a lot!)

It’s needed something … (finally, imho) for this cursed, chilly and often mis-interpreted “Art Deco Weekend” – ¿q-me?  - Yep, the one part of the year when (we) locals are guaranteed to freeze (yep, below at least 60 degrees!) our tuchus off, along with the poor folks who had to pay $$ for a “Booth” on Ocean Dr.! (ouch) Arepa Queens, tube-socks and … oh, and vintage cars! In our annual quest to figure out this … Cultural/Historical Beach Event? On the plus side – It does have a following.

Anyways – GREAT crowd, complete mix of various visiting, fun folk. With beautiful sounds emanating from – Vinx, Will Calhoun (Living Colour), Adam Falcon and various other guests. Oh, and the awesome Tara Harrison on guest vocals.

TACK>>HEAD was on Miami Beach! … UN-BE-LIEVE-ABLE – yep, right here.

Saw ‘em in BOS at Spit (waay back, ’90+/-? Great Show. The Game is one of my all-time-favorite tracks. Did I mention I got Keith & Doug to sign my 12″/tack>>head (1984) “The Game”?! schweet!

Service continues tomorrow – Lummus Park!

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