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Wed., Dec. 5 – Art Basel/MIA 
(+ I’ll have updates from (maybe not, exactly) all the Fringe, Side-shows & “Collectives” in Miami.)

- Obey (10th & Collins Ave.) / Shepard Fairey

This is when all the “Collectors” (rich folk, with gobs-of -money.) start to kick it off. The pre-party’s (some events, like UNTITLED on the beach at 10th, kicked it off early – on Monday night.) allowing them to get a jump on any potential collector wanna-be’s (poor folk). This is when all the BIG sales (of major pieces) seem  to happen – you know, when they put the little round (red/orange/green) sticker on the lower right-hand corner, and the Miami Beach Convention Center acts as HQ for the upper crust/established galleries – the pilgrims of the Miami Art (Basel) scene – now in it’s 12th year (13?).

  - Black Cat (or Dog?) at Lords Hotel (11th & Collins Ave.) / Desi Santiago

So the beach has been kinda buzzing since last week. It all sorta kicked in over the last weekend. Some Gallery and “installer” folk, started arriving over the weekend (the folk who get it from Crate/Dock > designated Convention Center Space > then Set-up.). A job that truly requires them to be ready for ANYTHING. Last year it, for instance, ranged from a life-size Al Wiewie tree (think BIG) to … um, piles of dirt (w/ instructions)! 

  - Islands (way back in 1983!) / Christo 

… yep.

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