- ASH > November 8-12, 2012 / Boston, MA

This was kinda like a (okay, full-blown) re-union for me, of sorts. Human Sexual Response got together, again (They originally called it quits, in ’82, w/a “last” NYE show in ’88?) at the House of Blues/Boston. The show coincided with the release of thier “UNBA UNBA” DVD, that captured them performing at “peak” level (all shows were) in 1982, at a club called “Streets” in Boston, MA. I guess they had it all set-up proper like, with (mobile?) 24 track recording and multiple cameras/angles – can’t wait to see it? soon!

So, I went up on 11/8-12 (ASH > MIA > BOS / Thur-Mon), and landed on one cold New England Thursday, with a flu-cold in reprise mode*, that had me eating ALL the Vietnamese/Korean noodle soups (w/ hot green tea!) I could find in the BOS area (they’re ALL over Allston & @$7-8+/-, bada-bing!). I’ve been trying to shake this wicked flu/cold-thingy for almost 2 weeks+ now. *Many, can attest to it’s evil, debilitating and sheer viral power. Thankfully, it was only cold, not deathly cold – weather wise. (no f’n snow/ice).

A special thanks to Peg & Andy (+ Kitty & Logan) for their lovely accommodations in the South End/BOS – 500 Harrison Ave.  (at the top of Thayer St., yep!), my old ‘hood/city! *Now 100% yuppy-fied. A wee Ash History: I moved to BOS from Maine in the Spring of ’84, or was it Winter ’83/84?) when I was 19. Long enough ago, that I remember having a cocktail at (the) Bill’s Bar, when it was located on Mass Ave. (opp. the Christian Scientist Ctr.). I had heard of HSR in HS and was eager to inhale the Boston music scene as quickly as possible. While working (intern) at the SPIT art Dept., I got lucky as HSR were booked to do a Halloween show (1984?) at Spit, so I got a chance to see them after their official “split” a couple of years prior. ( Plus, I got to see PIL at Metro the following month). Come to think of it, I was also a “barback” at Metro/Spit (’84/’85 +/-?), so that means I was working with Dini and Casey back in the day. and … living on Wellington St. (So. End, less than a block from Wally’s Jazz! What a find that place was.)

Live – Boston @House of Blues:

Anyways – back to the Human Sexual Response show at the House of Blues … it was KILLER, loads of fun and oddly enough, I was able to recognize a handful of folk from the olde days. The band (all 7 original members!) had the entire audience in the palm of their hands, and it looked like they were having as much fun as the audience was.

The Legendary Rich Gilbert (Guitar Idol/friend) was picking off the hits on his Duesenberg Starplayer (white/sparkle) ”HR2″ Special (*maybe modified a wee bit, possibly, hmmm – Rich?). I thought he would of had a bigger rig (4×12/50w+) and at least 2 guitars on stage, but he (still) knows what he’s doing up there, and, I was just happy to be witnessing it all! ahem, I even took some guitar lessons from him back in the day too! (I’m still a horrible, but happy, guitar player.;– ) And, ahem, I still use a thumb pick because of him (geeky, I know – but – he was right) - LRG! Great to also see: Gregg/George, Harry, Fred, Kenji, Vikki, Carmine/Molly and … everyone else I squinted at (tried to recognize), really! *Sorry I missed loads of other, cool folk too? next time/show (right!?!?), really!

Did I mention I got the LP “Fig. 14″ signed by the whole band?! yep. Special thanks to opening act - Contrapposto (Maine-iacs! Have a wee listen! Representing ME, Ayuh!) They (2 – Singer/Keybrds) were cool and we all got a chuckle that (my cousin Corde’s kid, Mike) Old Soul had connected us.

I also had a pint at JJ Foley’s for Wild Bill.  – ;=)


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