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Oct., 9-10, 2012 / Miami Beach – If you happen to be in the SoBe/33139 area today – you are in LUCK! 

Please note for ALL GAZING EVENTS: Must be 18 years of age or over to attend and pregnant women are not allowed to attend after their third month of pregnancy due to the intensity of the experience for some. People with illnesses are advised to follow the recommendation of their doctor before and after attending a gazing session.

“It is recommended to bring a photo of your child or a person needing help who cannot attend, as this method has been proven to be equally effective and the most balanced way for some to receive help who cannot attend.”

Wow – there’s a Staring Contest (?) going on at The Colony (Theater/Miami Beach) on Lincoln Rd. Braco is here to take on all challengers! With some Guidelines.

*Post-Gazing UPDATE*: I attended – only $8!? (no sign of any Kool-Aid?) The “Session w/film” all started at 7pm with a very tall (“Logan’s Run” blonde-spa-holistic type”) lady who talked with a wide & blue-eyed gaze and soothing voice, while some guy played a wooden recorder (an event staple for these (gazing?) events , soothing/ music, to relax the mind), – then, Braco came out, stood on a riser and just … STARED (8min+/-), in silence (I almost laughed) then he left the podium (8′ x 8′ stage riser) and then they played a “taped/recorded” (in Croation) intro message, via the (his) VOICE (20+ min, with video) of Braco, then a quick Q&A (with past, experienced “gazers”) then, I went to the … Deuce – for a free staring session, then home. Goodnight!

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