Snow > Patrol > Gold > Allstars

So … I guess we all, did, slowly recover from Ultra, WMC, Fashion Week, (Some?) Film Festivals, WWE, Etc., phew. Spring – so far so good, last Friday (3/30/12) was an event packed day – Gold Dust Lounge at the Standard (happy hour 4-7p/band 5-8p). Did a live digital (DR-100) recording for them, which works out as a good cover for drinking Stella out on the deck – with a killer view.

Then a lil’ roadie work with the Spam Allstars (load in/out at Purdy Lounge. f’n mic stnds?!?). Then I discovered South Beach Music Exchange, a cool little local music shop with lots of analog (and digital) gear, acoustic guitars too. I think they offer music lessons as well. Then Snow Patrol (w/ Ed Sheeran) over at the Gleason (thx WD/Bela) – they were kinda a mushy, but I was in a minute minority when I say that. (let’s just say) everyone else enjoyed the show. Next …

… stay tuned.

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