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Jamaican Paul says hello, from Jimbo’s …

Went out to Jimbo’s today with Liam to see what was going on. Unfortunately it sounds like Jimbo (85 on April 6, 2012 – see below*) is getting older and a little more fragile. The family, 2 brothers and a sister, need to work out some things (Don’t we all?!) for everything to work out “smoothly”. Not likely. The birthday party is another thing, it all depends on if Jimbo (“under the weather” recently, hopefully will feel better in the next few weeks) & Daughter (willing to see it through, one more month) and a few more “factors”. After that? … the city has been “chomping at the bit”. There’s even some scuttlebutt about a kayak rental (like) facility, yep – Eco-earth-yuppies – Oh, and there are some new rules …

… it will be missed!

*Remember, April 6th, Jimbo’s (real) Birthday: Send a Birthday Card to Jimbo!
Jimbo’s / Attn: Jimbo Luznar, Duck Lake Road, Virginia Key, Florida 33149

UPDATE: Closed!
(by the city, as of 3/24/12)

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