Jimbo’s > Closing?!

I feel bad that I missed last weekend (3/9-11/12) – Word on the block is that our little historical watering hole on Virginia Key, is in DANGER of disappearing … by next month?!

Jimbo’s, here’s a local story on channel “Local 10“. That would be a another BIG loss for Miami in general if they were to shut that one down. Hopefully something can be devised with a successful mix of these various winning elements – zoning, finances, codes, permits, a beer & wine license, paint, plumbing and power?

“Countless people have walked through the place, and countless photo shoots and movies have taken place on the grounds.It seems, however, that Florida’s favorite underdog is taking a final bow. At the end of the month (3/12), Araujo said her father will let his beer and wine license expire. She also said Jimbo’s will close for good once its remaining supplies run out. She blames a bad economy and high expenses. She said the place doesn’t make enough to survive.”

… I thought the city would let Jimbo ride out his legacy in style? … with a little class?? Let’s hope it’s charm & history (something?) prevail.

- Stamp I made for Jimbo, soon to be a sticker! Stay tuned.

D*ng … what about Jamaican Paul?! The Bocce ball court, the … memories.

Jimbo’s Birthday Party is still slated for Sunday, April 15, 2012 – It’s going to be a doozy! Click here to see proof.

Bring a birthday card and a good cigar for Jimbo on his birthday; bring something to eat, something to drink; bring a friend. Come celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on Virginia Key. Spread the word… everyone is coming down to Jimbo’s Place on Sunday, April 15 – Tax Day – to celebrate his 85th birthday.

… Did I mention the documentary?

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