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Maine Matt and I went up North to Revolution, to see the Bad Brains. I was up front and center with the pit in FULL SWING, thank g•d for the slow reggae stuff to mellow the crowd out. I made the mistake of hanging out dead center on the floor, so when the show started and as the slam-dancers started “going off” – I was flung rapidly to the front-left (stage right, into barricade). I just stayed there for the rest of the show as it seemed to be the safest place oddly. Security handled it professionally and no one really got hurt, considering that they were some professional “punks” (on ‘roids!) there and that pit went OFF at the first plucked note. Although, it could of been a wee bit louder?

Only a few dates on their tour and everyone’s getting longer in the tooth, so we decided no to squander the opportunity.

Been ages since I had that much fun, wheeee …

… they even played “Sacred Love”!

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