Me > Santa > Haven

I went out last night to see what was going on at Haven, saw some cool photos on the www and my friend (Andrews) DJ ALB Rotten was spinning there, along with his co-pilot Raphael for “Alphabet City“.

Nice neighborhood bar/club (next to Kim’s Chinese) that seemed like it was having fun on a Thursday with a college-ish aged+ audience. Nice sized room (w/ closed kitchen) with outdoor seating for “smokers” and folk needing fresh-air.

Good sounds & visuals. Then a quick trip by the 1111 on Lincoln (& Alton Rd) for a few more colorful, early morning, snapshots before heading home.

This was spotted – a gravity racer – on my way to work (Miami New Times) this morning, after a a tall stack of Blueberry pancakes at the S&S. Mmmmm!

… Did I mention how hot it is in the morning?

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