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Here’s a shot out the front window (complete with rain on windshield), returning from Key Lago at 8:21pm …


A trip down to Key Largo with AJ (Sax-Spam Allstars) to PonTunes for a 4-7pm gig in Key Largo. Of course it was via Card Sound Road for a Dolphin Sandwich (Blackened with burnt onions and big ol’slab of tomato!!!!!) at “Alabama Jacks” with live local country music!.

I must add it was in 90′s when the band hit the partially shaded stage, it looked like they were due for the break (… in the bands schedule, starting now ’til July 8th). I also discovered that bikini models don’t sweat … at all, even with all that make-up, heat and tiny-clothing.

Fun day though, even if it was a wee bit hot an the place happened to be outdoors … Great sunset!

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