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As seen on this unbelievable You-Tube video, filmed as it happened!

Here’s what I saw this Monday morning at around 10am: Most of the heart of SoBe was tapped-off. Collins Ave. was shut from 16th down to 12th (11th?) and Washington St. was shut from 14th down to 11th (12th?). The sight of the car, less that a block away from me, really put things in perspective.

All the local police (not to mention all the support from as far away as Broward) were on max overtime as this was very busy weekend. Sad it had to end this way, I was talking to a few folks that came down for the events and they were bummed too … almost perfect?

I even chatted with one lady who was 2 cars behind the shot vehicle. She was unable to move (or get to) her car this morning as it was part of the crime scene, so she has to stay until the tape is removed (?). Her crew was a little shaken, as they didn’t really know what happened exactly or what to do, except to say they heard a hail of gunfire – Yikes. I could spot a lot of the “trouble spots” from a mile away on SoBe over the weekend.

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