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What a great Sunday night, two days past a FULL Moon (Vernal Equinox) – I ran into my old friend from Boston (25 years ago/mid-80′s!) Neal Sugarman, sax player for – among others –  Amy Winehouse/Sharon Jones (and – the Dap-Kings, Black Cat Bone, Boys Life, etc.) who was on Miami Beach for the gig at The Jackie Gleason Theater … great venue for this band, even if it wasn’t close to being sold out.

… a great show and although it seemed like a small crowd (under 1k), they were getting their moneys worth, don’t forget the venue is gigantic (largest stage in …. East, US, ? Something like that?) but Sharon managed the area like a pro and had plenty of folk on stage – hand selected – who had come for some serious booty shakin’ fun!

… a great way to end a perfect weekend, plus it was fun to run into an old friend from 25 years ago.

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