R.I.P. Les Paul


He really was way ahead of his time, I always enjoyed his laid-back demeanor he displayed during his TV/Radio interviews. He even had a pirate radio station in 1940! One intelligent man – and – a h*ll of a guitar player. 


Popular Science - July, 1940

Tenants Run Apartment Network 

TO ENTERTAIN friends and neighbors in a New York apartment house, a group of professional radio performers operates a unique basement “broadcasting” station. Every Friday and Sunday evening, led by Les Paul and Earnie Newton, they go on the air from their homemade soundproof studio near the furnace room. Programs go to all the apartments through a two-wire ground and aerial system which had been built into the structure and previously never used. The control room is in a closet on the second floor. Frequently, “big-name” musicians drop in to lend a hand, and guest announcers whose voices are heard regularly on nation-wide hook-ups have fun taking turns at the basement microphone. Even “Static,” the apartment-house cat, occasionally goes on the air with amplified purrs and meows. 

Heaven just got a little cooler – glad to see him finally reunite with his cat Static.

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