Jun 25


Just uncovered on Miami Beach, FL …

A classic vintage sign has been revealed, from layers and years of plaster on the wall at the Alamac Pool - Pvt./Salt Water – btwn Washinton & Collins on 13th. (detail)

Always nice to see typography, from the old days, pop-up every now and then and show its timeless style.

And, the “local” Double Decker buses looked even more (UK) authentic in the rain. (d*ng, enough already.)

… Stay tuned for more!

Jun 10

Started off the month of June (2012) at the Miami New Times, freelancing – helping them put together the Broward & Miami – “Best Of” issue – WOW, an epic task no matter how you look at it. (All files, were finally uploaded this evening!)

Some nice (6 mile) bike commutes in the morn./afternoon and dodged some swift moving rain by planning accordingly after viewing the Doppler. Was able to eat at the S&S Diner a few times, utilizing it as a pit-stop between home and MNT … The 2-2-2-2  Special! A must if ever in MIA. Plus, a visit to (my other favorite, Enriqueta’s on Saturday, new placemats!

The sunset images are from last (Sunday-6/3?) weekend … stunning skies/colors.

Jun 2


Here are some shots of the oldest gallery on Lincoln Road.

It’s moved about a few times, but they’ve managed to keep 33139 as its zip since 1963 (?).

Carel Gallery … specializes in modern art and the 19th century. 

*From the mind of Ashley Swanson / 2007 "Miami Beach, a sunny place for shady people."© / special thanks to WordPress!