Feb 27

Had a nice stroll around the beach on Sunday (3/26/12). Something always going on at the Wolfsonian

… unfortunately for Dr. Shine, flip-flops never need a buff …

then saw some cool sticker for … Chocolate Sundays!

Then, later MXB called and invited me to a YoungArts show at the New World Center, complete with …

… rooftop party & amazing view! …

.. which featured performing winners from around South Florida. My first time in the new NWC/Frank Gehry building – wow, the performance hall was perfectly tuned acoustically & aesthetically, complete with roodtop … right next to (on top of) the Time/Temp building!

… What a view.

Feb 24

Let the games begin! SoBe WFF 2012 – Actually for the real food-fluffers, it started last night with some VIP ticket opening party kick-off Gala event? But for those left who can manage to get a normal ticket, it starts today/tonight! *As of 6pm 2/23, the majority of the events are already SOLD OUT.

… you name it, and they’re here …

… with an entourage and squadrons of volunteers (mainly FIU students).


Feb 23

Special thanks to CMB/NWS WallCast for the Wednesday Film Series, great flicks! (Spaceballs?!? meh)

When the weather co-operates, it can be a pure slice of magic!

Opera film broadcasts start on ThursdaysMarch 1/7:30pm ’til 3/29 (*remember: turn your cell ph off.) Also, don’t forget the 72nd (& Collins Ave.) Bandshell is happening too!

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