Apr 11

April 9, 2012 / Miami Beach, FL – A perfect evening to take/post some local shots, below 15th down to South Pointe

blue fish?

… I should of gone for a swim? Nice new & improved walkway at the MB/HQ (11th & Ocean) … lookin’ good, a little late, but very nice – and functional.

… In the morning, early!

Special thanks to all at Abraxas (Beer&Wine – 407 Meridian Ave. – (305) 534-9005) for the well-timed beverage. (Haven’t been in ages and  I don’t know why? … Comfy.)

Feb 24

Let the games begin! SoBe WFF 2012 – Actually for the real food-fluffers, it started last night with some VIP ticket opening party kick-off Gala event? But for those left who can manage to get a normal ticket, it starts today/tonight! *As of 6pm 2/23, the majority of the events are already SOLD OUT.

… you name it, and they’re here …

… with an entourage and squadrons of volunteers (mainly FIU students).


Dec 8

I ended up working with Dietl (Art Handlers/Storage/Show Logistics) for the closing of Art Basel/Miami Beach 2011.

I though it would be an interesting turn to see the behind-the-scenes of what and how it comes down. It was a labor intensive 3 days (32 hrs+) of shuttling art work from the storage room > to the gallery/floor space > to the loading zone (North/South) at the MBCC.

I didn’t get to find out too much of the Art Basel “business” side (they did well), but I did learn a great deal about art handling and shipping/logistics. Another Dietl group was in charge of “packaging/crating”, so various 2-4 person teams (out of 20-30 ppl +/-) would handle/prepare all the gallery’s art for shipping (crate/bubble-wrap/cardboard), wether it be ground or air (etc.), then we would get it to the appropriate area – loading zone/trucks (Union Area), then … Warehouse/Gallery, Intl/Dom, etc? Interesting, tiring and kinda … fun.

Dec 2

RIP Bunny …

Miami Beach Cinematheque – I was pleasantly surprised to find out how nice Bunny Yeaeger is in person. She put Miami Beach on the map well before Jackie Gleason did. As a matter of fact, she was was probably responsible for many industries, besides Miami Beach/FL tourism, that she is not credited for.

Did I mention she took some photos of … Bettie Page? Ursala Andress in Dr. No?

And for the record – she’s a National Treasure/Talent, up there with Ansel Adams, etc.

Nov 30

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 – I started my night at the opening of Pop-Up - a Mr. Brainwash & Co. (Banksy?) art show – (Boulan on Collins Ave./23rd, Miami Beach). Great mix of Norman Rockwell with just a hint of “Banksy”. Here I am enjoying my 15 seconds of fame with ringleader Thierry (not Henry – aka MBW) …

Good fun – I got there at around 8pm-ish and managed to avoid the initial crush of the curious/collectors waiting in line patiently (?) for a wee peak at the latest creative phase of Mr. Brainwash & Co. (For an entertaining angle on “street art” – Art, Collecting, Money, etc. – see the film/documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop).

Then, friend/photographer Matt Argondizza (fellow Maine-iac) and I, went over to Aqua/Art Miami (1530 Collins Ave.) – here, each hotel room was represented with a (US) gallery, so about 30+ galleries (?), 2 floors and a couple of “open” bars and a band – “Gold Dust Lounge” – working a good tiki groove! Some real stunning visual art and fun folk – honorable mention to Mark Khaisman (Pentimenti Gallery – Philadelphia, PA) – froze me in my tracks when I discovered it was just a little packaging tape on a light box … very clever indeed.

… great night that ended with a beer at a very busy (Mac’s Club) Deuce. *Which, for the next week, resembles a very lower-East Side hipster/dive bar.

Nov 28

Monday night – I went for a bike ride around the Miami Beach area (below 24th) … here’s what was basically around the Bass Museum (23rd/Collins) area. *Some sorta cork-sniffing art party was going on there.

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